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 MESOPEN (LED Microneedling) is state of the art treatment option for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and scar revision.
Small needles are used to create microscopic channels in the skin and the surrounding area stays intact.
These micro perforations gives the skin the opportunity to react as if it were injured, this stimulates collagen production. These micro perforations also supports the penetration of a special serum during the treatment for added anti-aging benefit.
During the healing process of the micro injuries, the top skin layer is also renewed, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.
Normally $200 Sale $100


Anti Aging Eye Treatment

This 6 step 30min age fighting eye treatment will help relax expression lines, crows feet and eye puffiness while it brightens. Lifts, hydrates and tightens with active exfoliants, emulsifying olive oil, soothing Eufrasia and Honeysuckle. Restores radiance and glow. Beauty Globes used to increase ingredient penetration, lymphatic blood flow and collagen production.

Orig Price~$60




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